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    “Rich or poor, everyone deserves the same respect.”

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    "In our care, you are not a number or a client, you are a family member" 

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    "Our promise to you is to take the weight off your shoulders"


Financing Options and Assistance

Helping You Manage Sudden Expenses

We offer several options to help you pay for a dignified funeral service, no matter what stage you’re in.

 Take a look at our no-deposit loans and insurance plans. 

No-Deposit Loans for Funerals with Now Finance

Now Finance is our funeral loan partner. They offer a broad range of repayment plans, with deposit-free loans for unexpected or sudden expenses, plus only a 10-minute application. For more information, contact us or call Now Finance directly at 1300 275 669

Over 55? Sureplan Gold

Sureplan Gold is a conservatively managed bond that lets you invest a lump sum, make regular deposits, or save $50 a month. You won't be locked into a contract and you have full flexibility over your savings program at any time. Please note: as Sureplan Gold is a funeral bond you will be unable to access your funds after the 30-day cooling off period. Here are just a few of the benefits of a Sureplan Gold insurance plan.

Planning and Insurance

Fitzroy Funerals offers multiple funeral insurance plans that help you keep peace of mind for you and your loved ones, so a funeral expense is easy to manage when the time comes. Try our Funeral Insurance Calculator to see how much you’ll need. 

Pension Maximisation

You can contribute up to $11,750 (as of 1/7/1013) without it being subject to the Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs Income and Assets Test – this is very relevant for self-funded retirees who are either receiving a part pension or who are just outside the pension entitlement threshold.


Sureplan Gold only invests in 'A' and 'AA' rated fixed interest securities (senior debt instruments issued by the major Australian corporates and banks) and cash. They invest only in safe, conservative bonds so your funeral money is not subject to market fluctuations. 

Predictable returns

Since its inception, Sureplan Gold has produced an annual return that equalled or bettered inflation for that year.

While past performance does not guarantee future results, the investment strategy employed is focussed on delivering returns which equal or exceed CPI, with minimum risk.

Taxation minimisation

Any bonuses credited to your Sureplan Gold bond will not be required to be included as income for taxation purposes. Unless you assign your Sureplan Gold bond to a funeral director or cemetery/crematorium business, bonuses paid as part of your funeral benefit will be subject to tax in your estate.

Low fees

Sureplan Gold has no entry, contribution or exit fees. However, if you die within 12 months of commencing your account any bonuses credited will be reversed.

Easy and speedy claims

Sureplan guarantees to pay the funeral benefit within 1 working day of receiving verification of your death from an independent source.

Under 55? Sureplan Family Fund

The Sureplan Family Fund is a life insurance and funeral fund that anyone can apply to between the ages of 1 and 55. On your death, a benefit will be applied immediately to the cost of your service. Premiums can be paid on flexible schedules, and there are many important benefits: 

Full Cover

You are insured for accidental death and death from natural causes immediately, however, you will not be covered for death by suicide within the first 24 months of membership.

Immediate Cover

Upon confirmation of your death, your beneficiary will be paid the needed amount in 24 hours, even if it’s the day your membership is accepted. 

Lifetime Cover

You’ll make payments until the age of 60, and you’ll be covered for the duration of your lifetime. 

No Premium Increases

From the time you join, you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying with premium rate guarantees. 

No Hidden Costs and Simple Applications

With a Sureplan insurance, there are no entry or exit fees and no hidden costs. Applying for a plan with Sureplan is simple -- just fill out the application form and they will get back to you soon with details. 
Apply directly with Now Finance or Sureplan, or call us for more information about funeral financing options. 
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