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    “Rich or poor, everyone deserves the same respect.”

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    "In our care, you are not a number or a client, you are a family member" 

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    "Our promise to you is to take the weight off your shoulders"


A Funeral Home With Integrity

About Fitzroy Funerals

We are here to help families who are trying to cope with the loss of a loved one. Fitzroy Funerals has been operating as a family-owned funeral home since 1994, and approaches everyone we meet with care and understanding.

Organising details for a service or memorial is impossible to do on your own when you are suffering from a loss, which is why we are your partner during this difficult time. 
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More Than A Burial

Having been through several losses within our own family, we know that there is more to grieving than a burial or cremation. Paying tribute to a loved one is a process that helps bring us together and appreciate the people in our lives, as well as honour the memory of someone we love. It can be excruciating and over a long period of time. We can be of assistance for long-term online memorials and ongoing grief support. 

Our funeral directors are professional, easy to talk to, and experienced in every type of funeral service. Contact us at any time to discuss a memorial service for your loved one. 

A Tradition of Care, Respect, and Dignity

A loss in the family can bring out the genuine connections between people, but it can sometimes bring out extra pain and difficulties. We have been helping bereaved families since 1994 by offering comprehensive burials, cremations and memorials that honour your loved one with personalised funeral services.

You’ve got enough on your plate to deal with, so we aim to make working with us as stress-free as is possible. 
Contact our Rockhampton office any time for genuine and respectful memorial services
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